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King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series 14-15
King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series 14-15

KOTH 14-15 Registration    『山野之王』報名

Start List: HK Island | Lantau | Sai Kung | Sham Tseng

 Results: HK Island Results | Report | Photo
  Lantau Results | Report | Photo
  Sai Kung Results | Report | Photo
  Sham Tseng Results | Report
  KOTH 1415 Ranking (Excel)
  KOTH Records (posted 5 Mar 2015)

Announcement (5 Mar 2015):
KOTH 14-15 Ranking (Excel) and KOTH Records are out:
KOTH 1415 Ranking (Excel)
KOTH Records

Announcement (2 Mar 2015):
Sham Tseng race's result and report are out - Results | Report

Announcement (26 Feb 2015):
KOTH registration list as at 24 Feb 2015 - View

Announcement (23 Feb 2015):
Online registration for the Sham Tseng KOTH race is now closed. You can still register on the day of the event at the race start.

Announcement (19 Feb 2015):
The KOTH Marathon Series ’14/’15 Awards Dinner
Thursday, March 19, 2015
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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Announcement (18 Feb 2015):
We have limited Tee left, those who cannot get a shirt please sign up our list with postal address and we'll mail out in early April.


Announcement (9 Feb 2015):
Sai Kung race's result, report and photo are out - Results | Report | Photo

Announcement (6 Feb 2015):
Lantau race's result, report and photo are out - Result | Report | Photo

Announcement (23 Jan 2015):
Note to SKM runners - View

Announcement (7 Jan 2015):
Hong Kong Island race's result, report & photo are out - Result | Report | Photo

Announcement (26 Jul 2014):
The upcoming series will open for registration on 15 August, 2014. Day-of-race registration will be HK$200 for each race.

Early bird discount: before 15 Nov 2014, $100 per race, or $380 for the series; from 15 Nov onward, $150 per race, or $450 for the series.



KOTH Race 13-14:

Sai Kung Result | Report | Photo
Lantau Result | Report | Photo
Sham Tseng Result | Report | Photo
Tai Po Result | Report | Photo

KOTH Marathon Ranking (Excel)

KOTH Records (posted 20 Mar 2014)

KOTH Results Archive

Races Photos & Videos Archive:

Proposed Schedule for KOTH 2014/2015:

HK Island: 30 Nov 2014 Course
Lantau: 4 Jan 2015 Course
>> Revised map for Lantau <<
Sai Kung: 1 Feb 2015 Course
>> Note to SKM runners <<
Sham Tseng: 1 Mar 2015 Course

New KOTH Water Stop Policy:

- click here

KOTH 14-15 Awards Dinner:

Sign-up Form 參加表格

Privacy Policy:
When you register as a runner of King of the Hills Mountain Marathon Series, we ask for your name, HKID, birth date, gender, email address, phone numbers and etc. Such personal information will be collected and stored for the following purposes: a. processing your application for the race; b. emergency contact; c. notice of latest event information; and d. direct marketing of services and products offered by Swire Resources Limited. If you do not wish to receive such direct marketing information, please check the opt-out box in enrolment form to show your preference.

閣下於登記參加山野之王時提供的個人資料,包括姓名、身份證號碼、出生日期、性別、電郵地址及聯絡電話等,可被Seyon Asia使用及保存作以下用途:a. 處理閣下之參賽報名;b. 緊急事故聯絡;c. 通知閣下最新活動資料;及d. 直接促銷太古資源有限公司提供的服務及產品。倘若閣下不希望接收直接促銷資訊,你可於報名時於表格上填選不欲收取直接促銷資訊一項。

The K.O.T.H. - The King Of The Hills Series

The King of the Hills series offers challenging trail running, steep hills and the chance to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Hong Kong.

Category prizes will be given to outstanding competitors in each race and a competitor's best 3 results will be used to determine the "King of the Hills".