Seyon Asia Limited
Montrail Seyon Asia Yangshuo Exploration Race: 18 - 19 September 2004

Organized by:
Seyon Asia Limited

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Entry Requirements:

Everyone wishing to participate must submit biographical data of prior outdoor/race experience. The Race Organizer reserves the right to turn away any would be participant deemed to be unfit or insufficiently experienced. At a minimum, each participant is expected to be able to swim 500 meters, perform simple mountain bike repairs on the trail and have abseiling experience. Participants must be at least 18 years of age by September 18th, 2004.

Required Equipment Provided by Teams Themselves:

  • 1 mountain bike participant (trust us, you won't be happy with a road bike) - bike rental is available
  • 1 safety harness per participant
  • 1 climbing or bicycle helmet per participant
  • 3 locking carabineers per participant
  • 1 abseil/rapelling device per participant
  • 2 climbing slings of equal length per participant (recommend at least 60 cm in circumference)
  • 1 flashlight/headlamp per participant
  • 1 compass per team
  • at least a two liter water carrying bag or bottle (full) per participant