Seyon Asia Limited

KOTH is pleased to introduce the John Lane Prize which will be given to the oldest person to finish a KOTH race (either distance) on the particular day. No person can win the award more than once in a season, meaning that there will be four award winners each season. John Lane was a Hong Kong endurance running legend who sadly passed away in October after battling rapid onset liver cancer. Just this past March, John completed the KOTH HK Island half marathon at the age of 77. While John's favourite drink was beer, we will give a bottle of Champagne as a prize to each winner.

『山野之王』今季度加設John Lane Prize給予各場完成賽事的最年長參賽者。每人於同一季度只可以贏得該獎項一次,這意味著每季度將有四個獲獎者。John Lane於十月份因急性肝癌去世。他是香港耐力跑的傳奇,今年三月,他以77歲高齡完成了『山野之王』港島半程馬拉松。John最喜歡的飲料是啤酒,而John Lane Prize會是一瓶香檳。