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Sai Kung Mountain Marathon Race Course
9:00 AM, Sunday 1 December, 2013
Pak Tam Chung Entrance Gate, Sai Kung
Public buses:  94 and 96R

Maximum Allowed Time:
Half Marathon 4:00 Hours
Full Marathon 8:00 Hours

Distances and Cumulative Elevation Changes:
Half Marathon – 19.0 km, 840 meters – 3 water stops
Full Marathon – 37.4km, 1,840 meters – 5 water stops (2006 variation) 

Start:  Pak Tam Chung/Sai Kung Country Park Entrance - Tsak Yue Wu - Pak Tam - Sec. 3 of Maclehose - Yung Shue O - Sham Chung - She Shek Au - Nam Shan Tung - Pak Sha O - Hoi Ha - Wong Shek (End of Half Marathon) - To Kwa Peng – Tung Sam Kei - Chek Keng – Luk Wu  - above Sai Kung Sai Wan Road - Tin Mei Shan - Tai Cham Koi – Sai Kung Man Yee Road  – Sheung Yiu Country Trail - Pak Tam Chung Finish.

Race Course Hints and Suggestions

Maps - Although the course will be marked with white arrows, these arrows tend to fade overtime.  Purchasing a Sai Kung Country Park Map to take along on the run may be helpful if questions arise.  Racers are also advised to familiarize themselves with the course ahead of time.

Water - One water stop will be provided at Yung Shue O, Hoi Ha, Wong Shek halfway point, above Sai Kung Sai Wan Road and on Sai Kung Man Yi Road.  Water can also be purchased along the trail in the village of Hoi Ha and possibly in the village of Chek Keng.  Runners should plan to carry their own water along the course.

Mosquito Repellent – Although no cases of Dengue Fever have been reported in the Sai Kung area, participants would be wise to take precautions against mosquito bites.

Weather - It is frequently hot this time of the year and large portions of the trail are exposed to direct sunlight.  Hats and sunscreen are recommended.

Trail Conditions - Portions of the trail are on steep and rough ground.  Other portions are overgrown.  The section over the shoulder of Mosquito Hill on the second half of the course is notoriously rough and overgrown.  If it has rained recently, it will also be slippery.  Be prepared for rough, outback conditions, this is not a road race!

Those doing the half marathon will want to bring along money for the bus ride back to Pak Tam Chung.

Although the trail will be marked with arrows, previous history suggests that there are a few common places where runners lose the trail:

1)    After intersecting with  Section 3 of the Maclehose, the marathon trail continues straight  a rough path down toward Yung Shue O.  Note that this is the original mountain marathon route, not the modified route used the previous several years.

2)    Leaving Hoi Ha Village along the beach, the marathon trail takes an immediate, sharp right turn up a narrow trail densely covered by the forest canopy.

3)    After leaving To Kwa Peng, the trail no longer turns right up to join section 2 of the Maclehose.  Instead it contours along the cost to Tung Sam Kei and then over Tung Sam Kei Shan before joining section 2 of the Maclehose and descending to Chek Keng..

4)    After joining Section 2 of the Maclehose and descending to Chek Keng Village, the trail takes an immediate sharp right hand turn up a river valley rather than continuing along the coast on the Maclehose Trail.

5)    There is no longer a left hand turn up toward Tai Mun Shan.  Instead, continue straight to Luk Wu, cross the river and continue to the intersecton above Sai Kung Sai Wan Road.

6)    After summitting Tai Cham Koi, descend toward Sai Kung Man Yee Road (left turn at the intersection instead of the old route right turn to Pak Tam Road).

7)    Cross Sai Kung Man Yee Road by the roundabout and go right down the hill for 0.5 km to the start of the Sheung Yiu Family Trail on the left side of the road.

8)    Follow this trail for a couple of km to the next intersection.

9)     The route bears right at the next intersection and continues past the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum on the way back to Pak Tam Chung finish area.

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Sai Kung Mountain Marathon Previous Records

Old Full Marathon Ė 36.0 km (Course Run from 1984-2005)
Men's Under 35: Tsang Siu Keung 3:48:20 2005
Men's 35-40: Neil Tait 3:36:30 2005
Men's V-40: Bruce Fletcher 4:06:20 1988
Menís V-45: Choi Kau 3:38:38 2003
Men's V-50: David Rosser 4:36:03 1988
Menís V-55: Bob Whitehead 4:41:46 2004
Ladies: JoeJoe Fan Suiping 4:29:57 2005
Ladies V-40: Ann Miles 5:17:08 2005

2006 Full Marathon Course Ė 37.5 km (but more runnable)

Menís Open: Tsang Siu Keung 3:26:56 2006
Menís V-40: Peter Lee 3:53:19 2009
Menís V-45: Michael Maddess 4:05:48 2011
Menís V-50 Ng Chau Yan 4:18:29 2009
Manís V-55 Chan Hoi Nam 4:34:21 2011
Ladies Open: Lucy Marriott 4:18:46 2011
Ladies V-40: Claire Price 4:18:36 2009

Half Marathon Ė 19.0 km

Men's Open: Neil Tait 1:28:28 2004
Menís V-40: Mark Western 1:40:06 2011
Menís V-45: Bob Shorrock 1:36:13 2007
Menís V-50 Chris Wardlaw 1:40:11 2004
Men's V-55 Chris Wardlaw 1:38:12 2006
Menís V-60 Yiu Kam Sang 2:03:45 2011
Ladies Open: JoeJoe Fan Suiping 1:45:19 2006
Ladies V-40 Nadia Koucha 2:02:51 2011
Ladies V-50 Yeung Mei Lun 2:11:29 2011